Clubhouse Coordinator

Job Title:  Clubhouse Coordinator
Status:  Part-Time (up to 15 hours/week)
Primary Hours:  Sun PM, Wed AM, other times as requested
Supervisor Title:  Children's Pastor 

Job Summary:

The role of Clubhouse Coordinator includes the recruiting, planning, directing, and organization of our Creek Kids Clubhouse ministry. The Clubhouse ministry primarily provides care for children on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday mornings during the Spring and Fall semesters but will also include care for children during other special events that include but are not limited to: Membership Nights, Elder Dinners, Discovery Classes, Foundation Classes, Volunteer Trainings, Staff Christmas Party, and Parents Night Outs. This position will work closely with the Creek Kids team as well as our Adult Discipleship Coordinator. 

Ministry Responsibilities:
• Recruit, Train, Empower and Lead Clubhouse paid workers and volunteers. (this team should primarily be adults but can be supplemented with high school student workers)
• Provide ongoing weekly communication with Clubhouse Team members.
• Create and maintain a schedule for all Clubhouse workers. 
• Regularly meet with church ministry leaders to discuss their Clubhouse needs.
• Plan and prepare schedule, curriculum, and activities for Clubhouse.
• Implement all Creek Kids safety guidelines.
• Ensure toys and spaces are cleaned and reset after each use.
• Keep all Clubhouse supplies ordered, stocked, and read for use.
• Meet with the Creek Kids Team to discuss goals, ideas, and vision.
• Attend staff meetings.

 Personal Responsibilities:
• Maintain God ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third and the ministry fourth.
• Be loyal to the vision and staff of Currey Creek Church and always protect the unity of the church.
• Exalt God, Engage the Culture, and Enrich the Christ follower on a personal level. 

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