Serving the World

Church partnership is the key strategy in our foreign missions. Through prayer, relationships, equipping, and financial support, Currey Creek has developed partnerships with pastors and churches in Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Kosova, Nepal, Germany, Indonesia and elsewhere in various regions of Eastern Europe and Africa. These sister churches seek to exalt God, enrich the Christ follower and engage the culture in their own countries. Currey Creek has ongoing opportunities for our members to connect with our missions by going on a mission trip, praying for our missionaries, meeting specific needs, and giving.

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Eastern Europe

Evangelism is a strategic need in Central and Eastern Europe since evangelical believers number less than one half of one percent in most of the countries of the region. Josiah Venture works through a variety of activities to evangelize to the next generation among these countries. Working through local churches and schools, youth are encouraged to attend summer camps that offer activities that the schools do not, and in doing so are introduced to Christ through passionate staff, volunteers, and interns. See what God is doing through the work of JV by viewing the amazing videos on their website


In 2017 John and Amy Allert moved to Frankfurt, Germany with The Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM) to mobilize local churches and expatriate citizen of other countries to do Gospel work with the floods of refugees, largely Muslim, integrating into German society from refugee camps. The team has had the privilege of mobilizing trained local Christians to share and interact with their displaced and needy neighbors while helping refugee believers to start mission movements within Muslim communities both in Germany, and back in their home countries. Literature development, training conferences, disciplemaking mentoring, and camp visits are a few of the pathways the Allerts have utilized to address these largely unreached peoples.


Jochebed's Hope exists to share the love of God by encouraging and empowering youth in an impoverished area of the world. The children who live in the children's home come from villages so far from town that there is no other way to attend school. Education is not a mandate in Indonesia, and without it many are destined to live in remote areas with little opportunity. The ministry provides housing, food, clothing, school fees and uniforms, and medical care to children who would otherwise have no chance at education. Their courageous families entrust them to these Gospel workers in hopes for a better future, and they are honored to be a part of their lives in this way. For more information, visit


Currey Creek began a strategic partnership with Iglesia Rey de Reyes (King of Kings Church) and Pastor Jorge Medina in Nicaragua nearly seven years ago. The purpose of the mission is to aid Rey de Reyes in spreading the gospel, discipleship training, equipping the saints and to help provide much needed material aid. Located in one of the poorest areas in Nicaragua, the church has a heart for children in the barrios. Most other churches will not allow children in without their parents, but Rey de Reyes remains a haven for children. Approximately 85 percent of attendees are under 18.

Sri Lanka

Currey Creek became partners with Pastor Muraleetharan Kanagalingam in Sri Lanka in 2011. Muralee oversees 16 evangelical churches across the country. This mission purposes to spread the Gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus Christ and to provide financial, material, and spiritual support for believers who are a very small minority in their country. This work is very difficult in Sri Lanka as the majority are non-Christian and many are very hostile toward the Church.

Africa- Uganda

Under Pastor Peter’s leadership, Africa Renewal has grown to seven affiliated ministries that impact more than 30 communities across Uganda. Together through the combined efforts of the team and countless volunteers, donors and sponsors, Africa Renewal has planted more than 650 churches, trained over 2,700 leaders and sponsored 15,000-plus children. Through Africa Renewal, people are finding hope. Children have access to education, medical care, leadership training and spiritual discipleship, and young adults are earning advanced degrees. Pastors are receiving theological training and are able to care for their church congregations and beyond. Families and communities as well as U.S.  church partners and sponsors get to experience renewal first-hand.