Currey Creek Worship Music


Music is powerful. Nothing captures the combination of deep emotion and thought like music. It can motivate us as we strive to accomplish a task. It can comfort us in our lowest moments. Have you considered how much of our Bible is comprised of songs? David’s Psalms, Mary’s song. We wonder if some of Paul’s praises in his epistles were actually songs. Certainly, nations will surround the throne of God and sing as revealed to John in his Revelation.

It has been my distinct pleasure to walk alongside Isac and the worship team as they have composed and produced worshipful and reverent music for the Currey Creek family. 
They have incorporated theology and phrases that are heard here, thus making music that is an outflow of the ministry of this church. “Give us eyes to see, give us ears to hear, give us minds to know your truth.” John often prays this prayer over us and in our worship team’s song “Even Though”, this prayer is sung as a bridge. What a gift to this body of Christ to sing songs that incorporate our very DNA!

e are so proud to be able to release these songs to you now. Many hours have gone into not only the writing, rewriting, and production of the music, but also the legal and logistical hurdles to make music public. We’re thankful for those along the way who have given us wise counsel. It is our sincere hope that you will stream these songs and allow them to lead you in worship of our eternal King and be encouraged by them.
For Christ and His Kingdom,
Eric Cate
Executive Pastor