Pray for Israel

A Note From Our Missions Director

Our hearts ache for the nation of Israel as they face tremendous tragedy. Many groups have been affected by the war in Israel— Christians, Jews, Arabs, & Palestinians. We are supporting an organization in Israel that is ministering to all effected by the war. Thank you for contributing to their efforts to bring the hands and feet of the Gospel ministry to Israel. All donations go directly to those affected in these difficult times. In addition to your giving, please consider carving out time within your days to pray for the salvation and restoration of all people in Israel, that the Gospel transformation would bring true healing, peace, and reconciliation for all.

- Rylee Free

Christ Church Jerusalem

This church has a rich history of ministering in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas for the past 200 years. They are contributing to a variety of efforts in Israel—buying mattresses for families that have lost homes, providing hot meals and food baskets and other ministries. You can donate at the link below. 

Donate Here

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the presence and protection of the Holy Spirit for all Believers trying to minister to those affected by the war, and for all the innocent people victimized in the war.
  • Pray for true healing and reconciliation between the nations at war, through the advancement and transformation of the Gospel.
  • Pray for all who are out of work because of the war, that God would provide all that they need to survive in this time of great turmoil.