Equipping Leaders to Enrich the Christ-follower

While working for the Lower Colorado River Authority, God called me into the ministry. I had no experience and no theological training so the obvious thing for me to do was head to Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. While it was hard to make ends meet and go to school, seminary was a great time for me and Darla as a young married couple. The intentional immersion into the study of theology and Biblical exegesis made a profound impact on my life and ministry. The core principles of proper Bible study learned at seminary are still with me today. 

Until we hired Cole Perkins, we have never had an individual on staff that had a seminary education at the time of their hire. While that is certainly unusual given our size, we simply endeavored to hire the best people possible for the job at hand. Over the years the Lord has impressed upon several of our staff members the desire to grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus through post-graduate studies. The unbelievable generosity of Currey Creek has enabled and is enabling several of our pastors to further their theological education through a combination of online courses and on-campus seminars.

Why have I stressed this over the years? First, it equips you to rightly handle the “word of truth”. In our day, the need to hold fast to the oracles of God knowing that all Scripture is God-breathed is critical to leading the church. Second, providing theological training is a part of our stewardship. I feel that it is our responsibility to steward well what the Lord has provided. Part of our stewardship is taking what we have been given and making it better, more fruitful, more effective. Theological education coupled with on-the-job training are a powerful combination indeed! 

Third, Currey Creek is blessed to have men who are theologically trained and gifted by God to serve here. More and more I am inclined to believe that the church should be the locus for leadership development. By providing theological training, Currey Creek has the privilege of being a part of that leadership development.

One of our goals at Currey Creek is to enrich the Christ-follower. Having multiple, gifted and trained pastors enriches our church congregation. Having multiple gifted and trained pastors enables me to be enriched by taking time off knowing that the pulpit ministry of Currey Creek will flourish in my absence! So, thank you Currey Creek for investing in these men. It demonstrates an unselfish, generous attitude that honors the student and glorifies Christ Jesus!

In Christ,


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