Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center

As a missionary kid, mission work is in my DNA. Part of my role here at Currey Creek is to give guidance to our mission work and missions budget which ultimately lies under the oversight of our elders. Karen and I joined Currey Creek in the spring of 2011 and within a couple of years I had the opportunity to join the missions team and have been immeasurably blessed to not only serve with amazing Currey Creekers along the way, but to have relationship with and be introduced to amazing work all around the globe. It is my joy to be the main communicator to the church, and I am always amazed at how through obedience to the Spirit the church steps up generously when there is an opportunity to do so.

For Currey Creek, “missions” doesn’t just imply an overseas context. Long ago, we categorized our missions partnerships into geographic categories of Local, Regional, and Foreign, and have long had a budget line item to aid people in going on mission. Just a few years ago, we prioritized how we evaluate new opportunities and regrouped our partnerships into “Go Local,” “Go Plant,” and “Go Global.” We did so because part of our DNA as a church is to plant new churches locally and abroad, and partner with churches or ministries that do the same. You can explore those partnerships on our website.

Although you might hear more about our foreign partners from the stage, we have some amazing local partnerships. The Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center is a local organization whose purpose is to “promote the value of life and empower individuals to make healthy choices regarding pregnancy and sexuality, and to extend the compassion and love of Jesus Christ.” The work that the organization does to promote the value of life for many women who are considering abortion is invaluable. The mission is apparent in their website name, www.lifesprecious.org. The services of HCPCC have grown and we have several men in our church who counsel regularly with the young men that are increasingly coming to the center. They walk alongside them in their season of life, teach them about the value of life, and show them Jesus.

As with many non-profit organizations, HCPCC has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currey Creek normally distributes baby bottles as an annual fundraiser, and HCPCC has an annual Gala where much of their budget is funded. Currey Creek was excited to host a virtual gala for HCPCC on September 22nd, and because of the virtual nature, you can still participate! Your missions giving this month will be donated directly to HCPCC as we continue to support this important work in our community. You can give online at www.curreycreek.com/missionsgiving, or give directly through the HCPCC website.

All missions giving this month will be donated directly to HCPCC.