It Takes Effort

Growing up, my family would drive to Arkansas and spend two weeks each summer with my grandmother. She lived in an old house in a rural part of the state. I loved her house and would spend hours on her front porch swing. I would sit on the swing, waving at cars that passed by her house on the little two-lane highway. My grandmother also loved to swing on her front porch. Living in a small town, she would have multiple visitors stop by and say hello any time she was on that swing. Most houses today are not made with a large front porch and there are not many swings. Instead the porches and swings are in the backyard. Secluded, private, and away from others.

Many adults like their privacy and isolation. They feel more comfortable sitting in the backyard versus the front yard because it’s just easier in the back. Relationships are hard. They require intentionality and effort. They require vulnerability and often accountability. But as human beings, we were made for relationship. We have a relational God who created us in His image as relational beings. He wants a relationship with us and wants us to live in loving relationships with one another. Though relationships can be difficult, they are vital to our spiritual (and physical) well-being. We must push past the excuses and engage in real relationships with other people. We must be bold. Whether it’s inviting others to join you at church or sharing a meal with someone new, seek to build relationships wherever the Lord might lead.

At Currey Creek, our hope is that you would grow more deeply in your relationship with the Lord and make Him known to your neighbors and the nations. We also hope that you would grow in deep relationships with others. A church program does not grow deep relationships, but church discipleship can be an avenue for growth. There are multiple groups, studies, and classes offered at Currey Creek to help facilitate your growth with Jesus Christ and with one another. But action is required. Effort is required. But it is worth the effort.

This fall, the adult ministry opportunities include men’s and women’s Bible studies, adult small groups meeting in homes and on campus, and Creek Institute classes that are moving to Sunday mornings. The details for the groups, classes, and studies can be found on our website as well as all the information needed to register. Be bold. Take action. Register. And invest in relationships. We need the Lord and we need one another.  

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