Student Ministry at Currey Creek has grown and evolved considerably over the years. Austin Lawrence, pastor of The Well in Abilene spent his formative years in this role growing a youth group from the ground up. Pastor John even spent a season meeting with students for weekly Bible study. Stuart Head spent five years as student pastor bringing organization, vision, and growth. As Stuart’s leadership role in the church continued to increase, I was hired on to lead our growing group of students.

Over the last five years, I have seen God move in incredible ways. I have seen him save students, parents, adult volunteers, even passers-by on the beach. I have had the privilege of seeing an army of volunteers help guide our youth into relationship with Jesus Christ. I watched as our students from public, private, and home school reached out to their friends, inviting them to worship and hear God’s Word. I watched as those same students began to reach out to their friends to share their faith and disciple others. I have seen how God can transform a student’s heart and mind over the course of their adolescent years. In short, I have seen God’s faithfulness.

Our student ministry has seen fruit over the years for one reason alone, God’s Word. As pastors, we simply rest in the fact that God’s Word accomplishes what He purposes it to do. It is living and breathing, active and useful, and it never comes back void. We know that if a student can personally taste and see that the Lord is good, faithful, and true, they will continue to feast on His Word and never hunger or thirst again.

God has now provided Currey Creek with Logan Talamas to serve as Student Pastor. I have had the privilege of serving alongside him for two years now. His love for God’s Word and his ability to communicate it well will provide a solid foundation for continued health and growth of the Student Ministry. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store!

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"Our student ministry has seen fruit over the years for one reason alone, God’s Word."