When I was in college, I bought a t-shirt that said ‘Volunteering: It Doesn’t Pay’. I thought the shirt was funny because there is, in fact, no monetary compensation for volunteering. That is what makes it volunteering. The shirt can also be understood to mean that it is of no value or worth to volunteer. This, of course, is not true but is what I found so funny about the shirt. One day, I was wearing this shirt and a very upset man came up to me and said, ‘Volunteering pays more than you could ever know!’ He then stormed away. I tried to explain my shirt but he was not interested. I learned that not everyone understood or appreciated the humor so it would probably be best to discontinue that shirt from the rotation.

Since that encounter, I have spent most of my adult life recruiting, training, equipping, empowering, and appreciating hundreds of amazing volunteers who have given countless hours in service to the church and ultimately in service to the Lord. While it is true that volunteering doesn’t pay monetarily, the upset man was correct, “volunteering pays more than you could ever know!” Men, women, and children who give their time, energy, and efforts to invest in others and the church often talk of the amazing blessing THEY receive. While some begin volunteering out of responsibility or guilt - those feelings can quickly move towards one of purpose, calling, and opportunity. We truly are privileged to serve one another and to serve His church.

As Christ-followers, we are called to serve others. Jesus gave us that example. Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” We too, should seek to serve one another. Our mission at Currey Creek Church is to Exalt God, Engage the Culture, and Enrich the Christ Follower. It is in that order for a reason. God should be first, others second, and ourselves third. 

Part of being a Christ-centered church, means being others focused. One of the desires for our church body is for everyone to be Attached and Functioning. We want you to be attached – meaning to belong, to make a commitment to regularly attend and to submit to the leadership of the church. But we also want you to function in this local church body called Currey Creek. We believe one functions best by giving of their time, energy, and resources for kingdom purposes. God has gifted all of us with skills, talents, passions, and spiritual gifts. We are to use those gifts to serve one another and bring honor to our Heavenly Father. There is such beauty in the local church when men and women step into a role where they are using their gifts and serving the Lord.

We have a wonderful team of pastors and staff at our church. But the hundreds of volunteers are the life-blood of Currey Creek. Ministries could not happen without care, commitment, and sacrifice of families who choose to serve one another and in turn serve Christ’s church. To the amazing army of volunteers who give of their time each week to serve here at Currey Creek - thank you! You are essential to the mission and calling of the church. My encouragement to those who are not yet volunteering at Currey Creek is to ask the Lord where and how He wants you to serve His church and then step into service. The Body of Christ needs you and you need the Body of Christ.