Women's Ministry

Currey Creek Women’s Ministry serves to engage women in living their faith by creating opportunities for them to learn, interact with other women and serve others. Currey Creek’s women will exalt God through the study of His Word and its application in their lives.

Spring 2022 Bible Study: Where is God in All This?

Do you ever wonder…where is God in all this? When things don’t make sense in the world, the wicked prosper, His people suffer, or your own life is turned upside down? The book of Esther is a shining ray of hope that points us back to the sovereign hand of God always working behind the scenes to accomplish His purposes – in His way and His timing, for His glory and the good of His people. God uses all things together for good, even the schemes of His enemies. God is, has been and will always be in control. Come join us as we marvel at God’s providence at work in the life of Esther, God’s people, and our own lives today.

Join us at 10:35am each Wednesday to view our livestream!

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